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For over 50 years, Bob Moog and his company Moog Music have pioneered technology that has advanced popular music and culture, and ushered in a new era of artistic expression through sound and experimentation. It was in this very spirit that Moogfest was born.

We here at TechZulu would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and safe and happy holidays. The holidays are a wonderful time to slow down and truly enjoy the real treasures of our lives – our loved ones. Remember to keep them close and appreciate how rich our lives are because of them.

TechZulu is going to bring you all the action live at 5pm December 3rd from the Bixel Exchange emerging tech salon Next Generation of Interactive Gaming.

On Sept. 17, entrepreneurs, investors, civic leaders and other key players in the tech industry will gather at the historic Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, Calif. Their mission: to support a charity, savor the hot SoCal nightlife, and transform Los Angeles into the startup capital of the world. It’s the premiere launch of Be Great Fest ( and TechZulu is hooking you up with 20% off the ticket price with promo code “TechZulu”.

Sgrouples is the world’s private social network. It was built on the belief that people want to replicate their real life online–to communicate personally and privately with the people that they really care about in their real life–which is a different model from the current social networks. Simply, Sgrouples is designed to allow its users to share exactly what they want with exactly who they want without having anybody else see it.

I am the Gogobot Community Manager of West Los Angeles. I represent Gogobot to our devoted user base and develop relationships with hotels, restaurants, social venues, and travel-related businesses. This helps me bring awareness to the Gogobot brand and promote the experience of travelling.

MIIGLE is a LA-based social network for entrepreneurs and innovators that recently launched its Beta version. The platform enhances the process of turning ideas into entrepreneurial ventures and growing startups through social collaboration.

Thomas Power CEO of Ecademy Interview. You can skip to the 2nd hour about the future and visions about Social Media. Great discussion and insight on what the future may hold.

Inside the CalIT2 building at the University of California, San Diego is located perhaps one of the coolest pieces of modern day technology you’ll find anywhere. Its name sounds like something out of a sci-fi flick but there’s definitely nothing fictional about it. It’s called the StarCAVE and it’s one of the biggest and most…continue reading.

Writing that article about our current president and his Blackberry dilemma a while back got me thinking about that ever present topic of dependence on technology again. Have we become too dependent on technology? Have we gone from a once technophobic culture, to a now over-teched culture? I always hear about people commenting on how…continue reading.