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Last week, the E3 Gaming Conference razzled and dazzled Los Angeles as attendees hobnobbed with top executives in the industry, tried out new consoles and platforms, took photo ops with cool displays like the reconstructed boat from Wind Waker, the green screen for Splinter Cell or Tanks of World of Tanks, and explored the latest and most realistic virtual worlds created by top game developers. There is certainly a lot to cover but I’ll just mention a few highlights.

You’re a startup. You’ve got a great idea for an app. You’ve got some friends interested in helping out and you think you can make this work.
So how do you figure out where you’ll host it? How do you decide between a raw infrastructure provider or platform service, and how much work do you do yourself and how much should you rely on service providers?

Last week, Google hosted their annual developer’s conference Google I/O, announcing some exciting new products and releases that will likely change the world in the few years to come.
And of course, one of the products that were heavily discussed about was Google+.

As creators, developers, and hackers, we love a good challenge and even more so with time restrictions. We also enjoy spending weekends in front of the computer working on new projects or building the next mobile app. It’s our fuel. Myself included. The West Hollywood based team over at Talenthouse feels the same way. With us all in agreement on how we enjoy spending our weekends, there’s only one thing to do…hackathon!

On Monday, May 6th, 2013 hackers are invited to attend the first Hacker Zazen event. Presented by Codewars and Cross Campus, this monthly gathering has been organized to attract a mastermind of hackers to share ideas and write code.

Sometimes the companies with the biggest social good impact, move in a humble motion, creating waves of excellence. This is what I noticed when I stumbled upon As a start-up mobile app development company, ROAR focuses on the non-profit and church verticals. ROAR is an integration partner of Appcelerator, and they build native cross platform apps on Titanium. Last year alone, this small company pushed out an enormous amount of mobile apps, to the tune of 600+.

Shervin Talieh, founder and CEO of Drumbi, an OC-based startup, is one of the bright tech stars in Orange County who is disrupting telephony through the creation of an innovative communications platform. Many consider him to be the godfather of the burgeoning tech scene in the region.

Next stop for the AT&T hackathon series is Atlanta! People don’t sleep on this thriving city. Atlanta is home to many top technology companies including Dell, AT&T Mobility, and CNN. It ranks third for cities in the country with the most Fortune 500 headquarters. So it is a no-brainer that AT&T would slide through to spread love to the developer community here.

There is a plethora of tech innovation going on in Los Angeles right now, and not only in Silicon Beach — but all over from downtown to the valleys to everywhere in between. New entrepreneurs are setting up shop and the city is encouraging tech development with exciting initiatives. Keeping track of all the new companies, funding, networking and events going on across town is challenging.

(March 9th and 10th 2013) This year’s AT&T Hackathon at SXSW is focused on technology and travel. With travel on the hackers’ brains and technology at their fingertips, these geeks are going to get knee deep in some code! For the hack, AT&T has partnered with American Airlines to create a venue for these techies to fly technology into the future! AT&T has numerous hackathons during the year, and the SXSW event is expected to be one of the largest of 2013.