Reinventing mobile search is exactly was has done. Serial entrepreneurs Ami Ben-David, Rami Kasterstein and Joe Simon are the co-founders of, a startup based in San Francisco and Israel. It’s a new HTML5 browser-based app that empowers users by putting everything they need at their fingertips.

In the beginning there were few variations of domain types you purchase as you had a selection of .com, .net, or .org. As the Internet gained popularity with businesses and the general public domains began to expand. you had your .biz and .us or .uk.

We’ve all have heard the great expression, “it’s all about who you know” more times that we can remember. But more often than not it plays very true in our daily lives. The right recommendation from someone could get you your next gig, into the hot new club, and maybe even tickets to the big summer concert. Moofacese is out to help those opportunities thrive when is comes to the jobs market.

One thing Internet technologies have brought us over time is the increasing ability to create customizable or personalized content for ourselves. It started as basic as signing up for a newsletter from your favorite site to customizing a profile to display particular topics. Then we took a giant leap with social media integration. We could now not only see content we were aware of but we could discover new content via our friends and their friends.

Mobile social discovery is all the rage as evidenced by the early success of apps like Banjo, which achieved an astounding 500,000 downloads in its first six months alone.

Apparently the momentum is continuing. Earlier this week, Banjo announced it doubled its users in the last three months. For those of you who don’t do math, that’s one million people using Banjo in just nine months since launch.

Thanks hologram technology of which we’ve only seen like this in Star Trek or Science Fiction movies, we got to enjoy Tupac being back for one night…

Have you ever found yourself standing in a crowded bar during happy hour, waiting for what seems like hours to get a drink or food? Don’t feel bad, we’ve all been there before. You stand around hoping to catch the bartenders attention. When you finally do, you order up your round and snacks. Then you get to think about starting a tab or cashing out? Should you have ordered an extra drink so you don’t have to fight through the crowd again?

For those who may think Las Vegas is just the home of Zappos, Conferences, and day/night entertainment, well you are right.  However, there is a whole new breed of entrepreneurs and startups starting to emerge from the #VegasTech scene.   TechZulu had the honor of being invited out to the Tracky Launch event last week.  Tracky is an all new startup based out of Las Vegas focusing on social collaboration.

I absolutely love attending events and shows at Club Nokia. The theater is well ventilated, the floor space is spacious, and the view is good from almost every angle of the room. But most importantly, it has a sound system that shakes your body to the core like it were the end of days and tears your face off with no apologies … so I couldn’t be more excited about returning, but this time, for something a little different. Something a little off the wall from the music acts Club Nokia often hosts. Introducing leetUP, a new live event series designed to share and celebrate ultimate geekdom; a toast to the unlikely, a showcase for all things nerd culture with strong dashes of technology, arts, lifestyle, and comedy thrown in.

Yes folks, I’m going there. But don’t worry; this is safe for work.

Last month at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, TechZulu paused mid-aisle at the convention center with other onlookers mesmerized by LELO.