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Dallas Day of Dot NetRia Consulting is hosting its 3rd annual Dallas Day of Dot Net on February 8-9, 2013 at Sheraton Market Center in Dallas, Texas. The event is a 2-day training in .Net, HTML5, Windows 8, Asp.NET MVC and other Microsoft technologies. In addition, world renowned speakers are invited to discuss the latest trends in technology. Speakers include Scott Hunger, a principal program Manager and Lead on the Azure Application and Platform Team; Richard Campbell, cofounder of Strangeloop Networks, Jeffrey Palermo, CIO of Headspring Systems and many more!

The following is a list and description of a few of the sessions:

  • Real-time Everything with SignalR (2 hour lab)SignalR, the latest addition to the ASP.NET stack, provides real-time capabilities to developers without requiring massive transitions in practice or imposing a huge learning curve. Hilariously simple tutorials, gaming, Windows 8 real-time, Windows Azure as a virtually unlimited scaling mechanism, and of course, awesome web and mobile possibilities are just a few of the examples you’ll see demonstrated. Come learn all about developing with SignalR with Microsoft Evangelist, Channel 9 host, and unofficial SignalR cheerleader Brady Gaster, and you’ll see how to use one of the most game-changing technologies to hit the Microsoft stack in years.
  • Web API Design Best PracticesThis session will cover the basics of Web API but dig deeper and take attendees past basic CRUD operations on resources and dive into how to create a robust API using Web API. We will learn best practices for how to organize non-CRUD operations allowing for creating maintainable APIs that embrace the spirit of Web API and not just the semantics allowing for maximizing the ROI of the technology. We will also look at versioning and other advanced topics.
  • It’s OK, You Can Create Kick-Ass Web AppsAre you tired of getting verbally beat up about developing web and HTML5 apps? It’s OK you can fight back. Despite what you read in the media HTML5 web applications can be extremely powerful and engaging. The key to building the next generation web apps is shedding classic development techniques and architectures in favor of new HTML5 based features. Advances with AJAX, CSS and a wealth of new APIs available to web developers mean the web sites of old need to be replaced with modern web apps. In this talk I will review how developers can easily change their applications to be more functional in a mobile, touch first world and provide an engaging user experience. We will examine various HTML5 APIs to see how they provide key advantages to the modern web developer. I will also demonstrate how various techniques can vastly improve app performance, such as localStorage and Single Page Web Apps. Finally I will examine several common mistakes made by developers in the world of touch, mobile first and how they can easily be overcome. Leveraging these techniques should put you on an even playing field or ahead of the native app competition.
  • Configuration Management for MVC4: without making the same mistakes of the past.Besides File->New MVC 4 Project, Visual Studio offers little for helping a team get started with a new ASP.NET MVC 4/Web API software system. Basic software configuration management(SCM) includes proper source control structure, Visual Studio 2012 project references, build automation, deployment scripting, database upgrade processes, and versioning models. This session starts from scratch and primes a new ASP.NET MVC 4/
    SQL Server application for team development. While tools are part of getting started, this session focuses on the practices, not the tools
  • Single Page Web Apps – JavaScript MVC Frameworks and Prototypical ASP.NET MVCResponsive single page web applications are becoming the norm instead of the exception. Given this shift in web app development, quite a few client side frameworks written in JavaScript have emerged. Amir will give you the run down on the most popular frameworks (Backbone, Knockout and Angular to name a few). He’ll also shed some light on how your server side code (and mindset) needs to change to better support clients written in dynamic/prototypical languages.
  • From Startup to Grown-up with Windows Azure Web SitesMany demonstrations exist on how to get started with Windows Azure Web Sites. This won’t be one of those talks. After a very brief introduction to Windows Azure Web Sites for those yet unfamiliar with the product, Microsoft Evangelist Brady Gaster will take you on a tour of the real world implications for the Web Sites offering and how you can start up, grow up, and succeed using the flexibility it provides. You’ll learn how to manage multiple environments with Git and Visual Studio 2012 so your small teams aren’t pushing to production and jeopardizing your site’s stability. If you or your clients have wondered how Windows Azure Web Sites can integrate with an on-premises enterprise and assumed that to be a barrier to using it this talk will answer that question using various techniques. This talk will go deep technically, show practical examples, and connect all the concepts with the costs. In the end, you’ll see how Windows Azure Web Sites can help enable your small business to grow and demonstrate how you can do so at your own pace using practical budget-calculating techniques.

Chander DhallEvery year, Dallas Day of .net has been sold out and has proven to be a great networking event boasting to be the largest premium conference in Microsoft technologies in Texas. It is organized by Chander Dhall, professional software architect/ lead developer, trainer, INETA speaker and proud Microsoft MVP.

To register for event click here.

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