I’ve Got A Golden Ticket! | Inbox by Gmail

Oct 25, 2014 • Android, Apps & Software, Google
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Inbox_intro-logo I’ve got a golden ticket! It certainly feels that way if you’re able to get on a new platform before anyone else, doesn’t it? Google has just allowed each of their “Inbox by Gmail” users to invite three of their friends and of course everyone is wondering what’s new with the technology giant. InboxByGmail2

So what is Inbox by Gmail? Quite simply, it just seems like a new format of organizing your gmail. Sure, you can also pin reminders to yourself and this seems a bit like ello’s “friends” versus “noise” feature. Other than that, I can see how many can be confused by this new change and may not want to move to a new way of approaching their email. Remember when Gmail made us separate out into Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, Forums and more? Some liked it, some were quite against it. And now we’ve all gotten used to it as Gmail is about to make another switch. For example, how often have users gotten upset at Facebook for making changes to their platform? But what if the changes were repackaged and sold as a “beta feature” only available to select users? Then wouldn’t everyone would be clamoring to see if they can get on the new version? (Yes, also available on both Google Play and the iOS store)


Smart move, Google.

Garick Chan

Technocratic solutions to a communal future, Garick is a connector, matchmaker and community-builder. He's a digital engagement strategist and involved with a number of tech & startup groups both online and in the Los Angeles/Southern California area.

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  • Guest

    Please can you send an invite sakudale@gmail.com Thanks

  • IdiocyAbounds

    I NEVER got used to or accepted the 3 tabbed email sorting. I got rid of them.

    Too many instances of good emails ending up in promotions due to bad filtering.

    I just like my mailbox to be a mail box. I make my own filters and control what happens.
    I do not need or want it it to talk to people from inside, play networking host or
    sing my babies to sleep.

    Just. BE. email with good filters and folders

  • expresss

    Please invite me … :)


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