NextVR Gives Viewers Virtual Front Row Seats to Big Events

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Next VR

Media companies are placing big bets on virtual reality (VR) programming. NextVR, the Laguna Beach-based VR technology company, has been testing unprecedented immersive experiences in live 3D sporting and entertainment events. The company just announced media titan Peter Guber will lead its new advisory board, further establishing VR’s importance in the future of entertainment.

“For those who haven’t experienced it yet, it’s hard to imagine what NextVR is capable of delivering with their live virtual reality technology. They have engineered the closest thing to putting you in the best seat in the house virtually that is possible,” said Peter Guber, Founder and CEO, Mandalay Entertainment. “It’s a game changer for live sports, festivals, concerts, shopping, and travel.”

The company has 23 patents granted and pending for VR technology that cover content, delivery, transmission, and playback.


FOX Sports completed its first VR test last month at NASCAR capturing the event with two cameras at 180-degree and 360-degree views from positions never seen by fans, and live-streamed the race in virtual reality. NASCAR joins the NHL, NBA and the band Coldplay in creating live and on-demand 3D experiences using the NextVR technology.

“Live transmission is really the killer app for virtual reality – enabling viewers to witness sporting events as they happen, live in VR and from locations beyond a front row seat,” said DJ Roller, Co-Founder of NextVR.

With everyone from Facebook to DirectTV to GoPro onboarding VR capabilities, the future of content looks augmented.

Desdemona Bandini

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