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Jul 30, 2014 • Marketing, Startups
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social rankThere have been many business gaining the good, the bad, and the controversial press from social media.  But how many businesses know who their actual followers are?  Do they ever keep track of any of them?  Social Rank 2.0 thinks businesses should worry who their followers are.

“At the time [back when Social Rank 1.0 released], it was a simple tool to help brands find out more about their followers, starting with Twitter.  And we came up with three different terms – basically three different equations – to help brands segment their followers: Most Valuable Follower (MVF), Most Engaged Follower (MEF), and Best Follower,” says Alex Taub, Co-Founder of Social Rank 2.0.

Now Social Rank is building version 2.0 of their platform and looks to expand on its current algorithm and take it to a new level.

“We really listened to what our customers wanted.  Where can this go?  What do brands want?  It kept going back to the point where it’s great to get my top 10 or top 100 most valuable and most engaged followers, but the real value was showing all the brands wanted to know about all their followers.  They really wanted to be able to find their followers by organizing them through filters like location and interests.  What we ended up doing is totally changing the structure,” says Alex Taub.

twitter“The vision where we want to go, where we want to be is we want to be that central location –that dashboard – on how brands manage their followers across multiple networks.  And we really want to be whereas Hootsuite or Buffer are that central location for brands to manage posting to multiple networks.  We want to go to that central location for brands to manage their followers across multiple networks.”

Given a quick preview on how Social Rank 2.0 new dashboard, the simple and easy to use interface looks to help brands keep track of all their followers.  Filters range from interests to authenticated accounts to location and that’s just the tip of search/filter system it provides.  Monthly reports are available and allows users to see who the top 10 followers are in each of the three categories: Most Valuable Follower, Most Engaging Follower, and Best Follower.  At this point, all the services they provide are free.

Social Rank 2.0 also offers a premium service at $25/month or $250/year.  The top 50 of your followers are found and displayed in each individual category and further individualized data is pulled based on the followers demographic and geographic location.

Only problem currently is that it only works for Twitter…for now.  There is word that the team is also at work bringing Instagram as its next social media platform to the system.

social mediaAlex Taub wrote, “We would have done it sooner, but we took the feedback from brands and users in the past four months and decided to build the design and infrastructure to support any network first before adding the next social platform. We think each network is very different (for example: Instagram is visual with no linking – all dead links) and want to do each one right and not just have every network for the sake of having it.”

Social media tools are aplenty for brands to use and abuse. Each allows in-depth analysis on their social media campaigns and allows brands to manage multiple social media platforms all at once.  Social Rank 2.0 only checks on one social media platform – Twitter – and it limits the number of people reached (compared to Facebook).  It first seems like Social Rank 2.0 is already behind the other big analytical platforms such as Hootsuite and Buffer, but in reality it isn’t.  What it provides is a new in-depth analysis of something none of these other programs provide; who the followers are.  Also the costs at hand are cheap, for businesses to use.

Brands such as Juicy Couture, GoPro, Spotify, Uber, and more are already using Social Rank.  For the platform not to be like any other, Social Rank 2.0 is looking into each social media separately to find useful data to really help brands take full advantage of each social media’s aspect.  Instead of being the next Hootsuite or Buffer or another analytical tool, Social Rank 2.0 is looking to do more than that.  What drives people to use it and what really inspires others to be such a loyal fan?  That’s what Alex Taub and the rest of the Social Rank team wants brands to find out.

Alex Bae

A University of California, Santa Barbara graduate. Has a love relationship with photography, technology, and writing. Always looking forward to new creative innovations and writing.

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